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Before I started I couldn't hold a handstand longer than one second, let alone even kick up into one! Now one month later I can now press myself into a handstand! The first time I did it I jumped in joy! I've also never felt my core this strong and shoulder this stable!

Kendall on 21 Days to Handstand Program

Fantastic! Those cossack squats are so difficult. Will have to do this work out everyday! Thank you, Brad!

Ama on 10 Min Mover - Mobility and Push

This lecture was like a sweet massage to my legs and shoulders. THANK YOU.

Sule on Twist, Hips and Folds Class

Awesome class, love the way you break down and progress the floating, so many iterations to explore. Thanks!

Nicholas on Float to Flow Class

Hey Brad, I really enjoyed this class! the poses aren’t unique compared to other classes I’ve taken, but your approach to moving in and out of them make them feel brand new. I’m one of those students you were talking about that HATES straddle pose, but I could feel my self progressing as class went along. Thanks so much!

Darin on Twist, Hips and Folds Class

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