Resistance hip bands

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  •  Different levels of resistance
It includes the Red (Medium-13" for under 120lbs of body weight), Yellow (Large 15" for 120lbs-260lbs of body weight) and Blue (XL-17" for over 260lbs of body weight). 

  • Improved Material

5BILLION Hip Band has thick & soft material with slip-resistant inner layer. It is supportive and the tacky strips inside of the band could ensure itself staying in place while training. Durable band will not snap or roll up on itself during use like traditional bands.

  • Easy to Use
You can use these workout bands for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms and shoulders. By placing the fitness bands around ankles, feet, or above the knees and begin your strength and mobility workout or warm-up, it will provide proper resistance for your muscle groups as you move forward or backward.

This resistance band set is portable enough for you to get a great hip band exercise. It’s great for traveling or simply resistance bands workout at home. They fit right inside your gym bag without taking up much space.